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Media Lab Asia, Promoted by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology,(MeitY), Govt. of India as a non-profit company
Digital India
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Digital India Corporation (Formerly Media Lab Asia) is a not for profit organization set up by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Govt. of India, under Section 25 of the Companies Act 1956 (Section 8 under Companies Act 2013). The objective of the company is to bring the benefits of ICT to the common man. It started with the functional activity areas such as World Computer (Affordable, ubiquitous computing and access devices), Bits for All (Low Cost, High bandwidth connectivity) and Tomorrow's Tool (Rurally relevant applications). However it was later changed to application areas such as ICT for Healthcare, Education, Livelihood and Empowerment of Disabled.

Since then the company has taken up 75 development projects and some of the projects are now being rolled out at the national level. The company has a unique way of growth by working with an expanding network of  research laboratories for undertaking development work. It started with creating a hub at some of the IITs and the list of such project partners has grown to more than 58. The partners are a combination of academic and Research and Development institutions, industry, NGOs and Govt. Agencies. The projects can be sponsored by Corporate Bodies, Govt. (Central/State) and Local Municipal Bodies/Panchayats etc.

After development the technology is taken from lab to land for pilot testing/ large scale deployment through a unique scheme of provider/user membership under PPP model. MLAsia is poised for developing relevant and sustainable technologies and culturally appropriate solutions touching daily lives of common people in years to come.



News Flash

Setting up of National e-Governance Division (NeGD)

Setting up of National e-Governance Division (NeGD) (autonomous Business Division) within Media Lab Asia has been approved by the competent authority. All activities currently being handled by NeGp-PMU at DEIT will now be handled by the new NeGD.

Media Lab Asia Projects

470 RCI/MSJE recognized Institutions connected to Navshikhar benefiting students undergoing special education.

The content is being generated in accessible format like e-text, Braille, Daisy, large print and audio for text books for graduate/post graduate level visually impaired students. For Inclusive Education 321 hours (30 Nos.) of English Audio Daisy Books and 347 hours (30 Nos.) of Hindi Audio Daisy books have been generated. 20,000 copies of CDs of these books have been distributed. A network of 74 organizations working for digital books has been formed called the DAISY Forum of India.

More than 1,000 Visually impaired persons are regular users of Screen reading software, in Hindi and English.

Web enabled Integrated Assessment tool for Mentally Retarded children (Punarjjani™) developed and installed in 8 schools of Kerala on a pilot basis. Benefiting  850 Mentally Retarded students.

Computerized Braille Transcription System installed in 60 schools where around 4300 blind students have been benefited.

A National Interactive portal www.punarbhava.in has been implemented for empowerment of the disabled. 470 RCI/MSJE recognized Institutions connected to Navshikhar benefiting students undergoing special education.

100,000 Expert Advices rendered to 13000 farmers on 32 different crops. Covered more than 200 villages in 6 districts of AP.

ICT in rural schools of Mizoram- benefited 30000 students already (and continue @ 3000/year). Ontology Building & Management tool- Sahayika is being deployed.

mDhanwanthari- The mobile telemedicine van is operated from KVM Hospital Cherthala at 20 locations at Cherthala taluk, kerala for treatment of TB, Diabetes, Pre-natal healthcare. This service can be availed by 4.34 lakhs population of the taluk. The service is operated from KVM Hospital Cherthala.

Health Information Management System (HIMS)- The system covers three Blocks of Tirur Taluk, Kerala with 7.8 Lakhs population. (3.40 lakhs already covered).


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