Media Lab Asia, Promoted by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology,(MeitY), Govt. of India as a non-profit company
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What could be the income of Media Lab Asia?
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  • Royalty - Lumpsum for Fixed Period, Fixed or variable for exploitation for indefinite period of time, Exploitation of IPR in any other manner.
    Sale of publications such as Magazines, Journals and Books
  • Partnership with educational institutes & Chambers of Commerce etc. for seminar / workshops for training of manpower, technical awareness, mass awareness etc.
  • Scheme Membership with Annual fee of Life membership fee?
  • Patrons – High caliber person who are members of research work
    Life membership – to derive the benefit of research work of Media Lab Asia
    Ordinary membership – to drive the benefit of research work of Media Lab Asia.
    Associate Membership – with limited access to research work
    Membership of special national scheme as franchisee, beneficiary of partner (Scheme is being finalized at present.)
  • Income from investment
  • Interest on fixed deposits, Dividend, Valuation of Assets


Last Updated on Thursday, 14 January 2010 12:10